The Museo dell'Orologio di Tovo S. Giacomo

The first idea

The first public exhibition of some pieces from the Bergallo factory was on the 15th September 1984 at the inauguration of the new primary school of Tovo S.Giacomo.
On this occasion hands, dials, mechanisms, writings, photos and films were displayed.

It was on that occasion that the last clockmaker, Giovanni Bergallo, after refusing offers from foreign entities (in particular a Japanese industrial group), publically announced his wish that a museum be created in his country which brought together testimonies to art and clock making and the family tradition for time machines, to which he would donate his works.

The creation and opening

After this event and around a decade of activities the museum was created following a decision by the Town Council on the 3rd April 1996, which was then followed by its inauguration on the 7th April 1997 in the ex-town hall of Bardino Nuovo.

The present

A few years of being open, the arrival of new pieces and growing importance at a national level made restoration works necessary at the museum which were concluded in 2011 with expansion of the space and a new exhibition itinerary based on architecture and materials, achieved with the help of the Region of Liguria and the Fondazione De Mari. The architect Luca Forno from Genoa planned the works.

The museum has also found recognition due to its addition to the Associazione MuseImpresa together with the most important factories at a national level: Piaggio, Zucchi, Ferrari, Campari, Ducati, Barilla and others.